10th October

Today i woke up extremely excited because today after MONTHS of waiting my favourite shows are coming back with new seasons. Some of you superhero geeks like me must have heard of them. They are “Supergirl” and “Flash”.

By tomorrow and day after, my other favourite shows will air again, like “Dc Legends Of Tomorrow” and “Arrow.”

All these shows are connected and are aired on CW and they are in the same universe : DC

There are two universes with a different set of heroes for both of them. They are Marvel and Dc respectively.  In Dc, Flash is the fastest man alive, while in Marvel, quicksilver is the fastest man alive.

Just like this, there are lots of other superheroes and loads of movies and tv shows are based on their comics.

Marvel movies are considered over Dc movies because Dc movies just don’t have the charisma as marvel movies do. On the other hand, Dc tv shows are the BEST, they have just the proper amount of everything that makes a tv show good, including the perfect music for intense scenarios.

Flash is a show that airs on Tuesday 8/7 central on the CW and is about a young man, Barry Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin on the show, whose mother died when he was very young in a very mysterious way and he has since then been trying to figure out what killed them, which lead him into the whole forensic field and he works for the CCPD (Central City Police Department) to help them with their cases.

One day a failed experiment lead by Doctor HR Wells, causes loads of havoc and lightening hits Barry, causing him to wake up with powers that allow him to do anything in the fastest way possible.

This show is all about how he defeats evil metahumans with different powers and how he finds his mother’s killer and avenges her death.

I guess that’s it for now, later in the day i will give a small brief to you about the shows “Supergirl,” “Arrow” and Legends Of Tomorrow.


forgetting and moving forward

life has been quite a ride for most of us, even at the ages of fifteen and sixteen we deal with problems thrown to us by life that are bigger than we can possibly handle.

My life has been full of problems. Not just problems, i’ve had my fair share of fun too, but that i’ll talk about later.

My problems start with the fact that my last relationship has absolutely no closure at all and at the moment we thought that yes, since we talked it out we’ve had closure but that’s just not how it works. We stopped talking and people started to come between us, make up stories and we started assuming.

I had promised myself to never let a boy or anyone for that matter pull me down and bring my self confidence down but that happened.

I was in the ninth grade when this happened and i kept my mouth shut, let people say what they wanted to, i was so tired. That’s where i went wrong, i did not defend myself and let people make up these absurd stories that reached his ears and he believed them without confirming. We stopped talking, whatever bond we had left broke, it was terrible.

One year has gone by, I’m in the tenth grade now and I’m still very hurt because he hates on me, his friends hates on me and god he has a lot of friends. The school hates on me and that’s because i didn’t say anything.

You should speak up when you have a chance to, otherwise it will ruin you. People WILL make assumptions and it WILL cause havoc in your life. That’s the first lesson i learnt. My last year in this school has gone terribly and I’d do anything to go back in time and say something, mend my relationships.

I’m quite ashamed and embarrassed to say that i still have feelings for this boy, even after all his assumptions and how they caused me pain day after day, it’s really hard to get over someone like that.

Why I loved him? He taught me how to be honest, brutally honest, he taught me that being my own self was the right thing to do. Even after we broke up, I know who i am now, even though i get constant hate I’m trying to move on, with the people that i love by my side.

He was a good guy, but now he’s different whether that’s in a bad way or a good way, it’s clearly not for me to decide, i hope he lives a happy life and finds someone that would make him happy.

So this is my story, and i know no one might even be reading, i just wanted my side of the story to be out there, it just felt right, ya know?

Girls, I repeat, never let a boy or  anyone for that matter define your actions or your judgements. You’re strong and independent and you can make it out there, it’s really not that hard if you get those two things straight. I love you. See you tomorrow!

Xx set your heart free Xx

an introduction

Here it goes, this is going to be my first blog, an introduction telling you guys that i’m going to be writing  real personal stuff that i’d never really speak out, writing makes it much more easier. 

I hope you guys can relate to my problems, make them your own, laugh and cry with me. I hope that i can help you. 

I’m really excited that i’m going to be doing this, i’ll try posting daily but not making any promises. Thankyou. 

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